Who are we?

Who are the bunny owners in charge of Ecobuni?

Hello! We're Jessica and Leo.

We're a bunny mom and dad who love our two adorable rabbits, Pandora and Lugh a LOT.

We've had Lugh since he was a baby in 2016 and we rescued Pandora as a baby last year, in 2021. They've changed our lives for the better and can't imagine having a home without bunnies ever again.

The idea of this website came along when we got tired of replacing our phone cables all the time - either from general wear and tear or from our little house bunny Lugh discovering his taste for “spicy hay”.

So in 2020, so we got to work getting these gorgeous aluminium wrapped phone chargers made to sell through our online eco-friendly store: Ecobuni.

After MONTHS of working hard with manufacturers to get them just right in terms of durability, safety and style, we have been so excited to release them to the public and have had overwhelmingly positive reviews over the past couple of years.

We've been using these since then ourselves and we're in love, too.
For every bunny-proof cable purchased on our website, we donate $1 to kiwi pet rabbit rescue and care resource “Westley’s World.”
We started off selling these cables through our small business "Ecobuni" in New Zealand.

Since we love and visit Australia and the United States often, in 2021 we decided to create an internationally friendly online store right here.

Bunny Proof Cables is focused entirely on our pet-proof USB cords, our bunnies, owning indoor house bunnies, and really just everything about these little fluffy darlings in general.
We are now located in both New Zealand and in the USA so we're able to send out the cables super fast to you, wherever you are.
We hope you enjoy our blog, social media and of course, our pretty bunny-proof phone cables.