Bunny Blogs

  • How to protect your home from those NAUGHTY BUNNIES!

    We’ve put together a little DIY guide below just for you, with some practical and creative ideas on how to keep your home in tact while enjoying these beautiful, cheeky critters. From chewing your wallpaper to burning your house down, the bunnies are out to get us and we've got to stick together.
  • Rabbit Play and Bunstruction

    Bunnies' teeth grow forever. They need to chew on stuff. They will try to chew on YOUR stuff. All of it. Trust us.

    Check out this guide on what bunnies love to destroy, and how you can minimise destruction around the home when you have free-range rabbits!
  • Who are we?

    Hello! We're Jessica and Leo.

    We're a bunny mom and dad who love our two adorable rabbits, Pandora and Lugh a LOT.

    We've had Lugh since he was a baby in 2016 and we rescued Pandora as a baby last year, in 2021. They've changed our lives for the better and can't imagine having a home without bunnies ever again.